Healthy Dopamine Superfoods To Increase Happiness

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Healthy Dopamine Superfoods To Increase The Happiness


Do you know there are many foods which can help you to get rid of your grief and mood swings? If you going through a sad phase along with the mood swings, you might be suffering from the lower level of Dopamine in your body. It is a hormone which helps us to be internally happy and gives s a certain feeling of positivity and happiness. It regulates your alertness, learning, creativity, satisfaction, attention and concentration levels. So, now you can understand how important Dopamine is for your brain. Hence, let us inform you about some important superfoods which are efficient to grow the amount of dopamine in your mind and make us happy. These amazing superfoods are:
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Apples have Quercetin which is an antioxidant helps is to promote the status of our mind. Many studies have proved the benefits of apple fruit can be great for mood and mental condition. It efficiently prevents the neurodegenerative diseases and stimulates dopamine. Hence, it contributes your happiness and a sense of the peace. Moreover, apples have powerful antioxidant and polyphenols. These components protect dopamine cells from damage. So, eating an apple daily would elevate your mood and make your dopamine level increased.

Dark Chocolate:
Drak chocolate is super efficient to relieve stress from our mind. Hence, many experts recommend eating chocolates to elevate the mood. It has phenylalanine, which is an amino acid that helps in dopamine production. Also, If you want to try dark chocolate to improve your mood, choose a chocolate containing 85 percent cocoa. It has the highest capacity of producing dopamine hormone. (Also Read: What Is The Truth Behind Fertility Superfoods)

Bananas have tyrosine, which is a kind of amino acid. It helps in regulating dopamine levels in our mind. Moreover, it helps in increasing our memory, concentration and alertness. It has no side effects and helps to recover many health problems. Try eating two bananas daily directly or make your favourite banana shake or smoothie at home.

Strawberries have vitamin C Which is very important for maintaining our brain health. Vitamine C fights against free radicals in the brain and promotes the production of Dopamine easily. Moreover, strawberries have phenol antioxidants. This component is great to protect the neurons from damage. It would be better if you eat organic strawberries because they contain a quite higher amount of antioxidants. (Also Read: Best Superfoods Which Every Man Should Eat)

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