What are the health benefits of raw banana

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health benefits raw banana

Raw banana is superfood which has many health benefits. Raw bananas contain fibre, vitamins and minerals, which is helpful for us in a number of ways. Apart from this, it contains starch that regulates the blood sugar levels of the body and also helps to strengthen digestion. Raw bananas contain high amounts of sodium, potassium, dietary fibre and protein, which are great for the overall health of the body. These nutrients help in strengthening the digestive system so that the stomach related problems get solved. A raw banana contains 81 calories, which makes it a diet-friendly fruit. (Also read: What superfoods are best for your kidney)

Let’s know about the health benefits of raw bananas.

For the health of the colon

If you consume raw banana in your diet then it will improve your overall colon health. Raw banana contains short-chain fatty acids that help to reduce stomach-related issues. This also helps in the absorption of fatty acid.

Regulates blood pressure

Raw bananas contain potassium which is an essential mineral for the body. Potassium works like a vasodilation which helps to reduce anxiety and puts pressure on the arteries. In this way, it regulates the pressure of the blood and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. (Also read: What are the best superfoods for a busy person)

Boosts metabolism

The mineral and nutrients found in raw banana increase the energy and help in boosting metabolism. This fruit accelerates the process of burning calories in the body, which also keeps the weight under control.

Controls diabetes

Vitamin B 6 in raw banana is found in high quantity and this is known to help in controlling vitamin-specific blood sugar control. Fiber found in raw banana is good for diabetic patients as it helps in restricting the flow of insulin in the blood.

For the digestive system

The bacteria found in raw bananas are beneficial for the digestive system. These bacteria are found in your intestine. They help your stomach fight against bad bacteria to keep the stomach and digestive tract better. (Also read: What are the various superfoods one must eat after a workout)

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