What Are The Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit

Finally, the season of guava is here. Have you tried a plate full of guava slices with added black salt? This may be the best after lunch snack for many of you. But, besides having this fruit like a normal snack, it would you give immense health benefits because it benefits making this fruit as a superfood. From making your skin glowing to fight with diabetes, Guava has various health benefits. No matter which shape and colour it contains, its health benefits are intact in every form of this fruit. Hence, have a look at the following and eat the best of it in this season. (Also Read: What Are The Unique Detox Superfoods For Winters)

Boosts your immunity:
Guava can boost your immunity to a level higher. It is the richest source of vitamin C. It even contains vitamin C four times extra than other seasonal fruits. This higher amount of vitamin C presence in guava boosts your immunity easily. Hence, it protects you from various health issues and infection this season.

Lowers the risk of Diabetes:
Guava has an immense amount of fibre in it which lowers the blood sugar level naturally. Not only this, it even cleanses your stomach and kidney by maintaining a good digestive system altogether. It helps in free bowel movement too. But the best part is with the help of guava the blood sugar gets maintained. The more your system stays clean, the healthy and happy you will be from inside. (Also Read: How We Are Killing The Goodness Of Superfoods Unknowingly)

A good cardiac system:
Guava can maintain the good sodium and potassium levels in your body. By maintaining this, you get a reward of the healthy cardiac system. So, it is natural that your blood pressure level comes under control and lowers your hypertension level. In a nutshell, Guava is a heart-friendly food. It maintains your overall heart health.

Prevents constipation:
As we have already mentioned that guava is a great source of dietary fibres. It fills almost 12 percent of your daily needed intake of fibre, which makes it extremely beneficial for your digestive health. Moreover, the seeds of guava are excellent laxatives which help to form healthy bowel movements.

Improves Eyesight:
Guava has a huge amount of vitamin A which boosts your vision and eyesight. It not only prevents the deterioration of your eyesight but also maintains the good health of it. It can help slow down the appearance of cataracts and macular degeneration. It is even helpful for kids too to build their eyesight stronger. (Also Read: Which Regular Foods Are Actually Superfoods)

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