What Are The Most Effective Anti-allergy Superfoods

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What Are The Most Effective Anti-allergy Superfoods

Allergies are pretty much common. Allergies are nothing but a reaction of your body’s immune system to a substance. The immune system usually doe snot react on substances until it is not unknown to the body. These unknown substances are called allergens. Allergic reactions can affect your nose, lungs, throat, sinuses, ears, stomach etc. Allergies may happen from various foods and it can be reduced by foods too. There are a lot of superfoods available on your doorstep which are anti-allergic. These foods are effective enough to reduce your allergies or prevents your body to develop allergies. Have a look. (Also Read: What Are The Artery Cleansing Foods One Must Eat)


What Are The Most Effective Anti-allergy Superfoods

Garlic is a great anti-allergic superfood. It can work like a shield in our body by not allowing the allergens to create any reaction in our body. Also, the inflammatory compounds of garlic can work effectively inside our body. Moreover, it has the anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant and immune-boosting properties which are great for our health. Eat 2-3 garlic cloves every day to stay away from allergies.

Green Tea:

What Are The Most Effective Anti-allergy Superfoods

When it comes to any drink, green tea is the most effective drink which is considered as a superfood. It boosts our immune system and keeps us healthy. It even blocks a key cell receptor which helps in producing an allergic response. Green tea also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. So, drinking 2 cups green tea daily can keep you away from allergies. (Also Read: What Are The Superfoods That Help In Boosting Your Metabolism)


What Are The Most Effective Anti-allergy Superfoods

It is true that an apple a day can keep doctors away. Apples are extremely good to eradicate allergies from the bodies. In fact, It has quercetin, which is a flavonoid. This compound is known to protect against allergic reactions. So, eat an apple regularly to stay away from allergies.


What Are The Most Effective Anti-allergy Superfoods

Salmon is a fish which has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. It can be helpful for many health issues. It can fight the inflammation very well, along with it fights with your allergies. Moreover, salmon can improve your lung functioning and keeps you away from asthma, congestion and cold-like symptoms.


What Are The Most Effecti i-allergy Superfoods

Lemons are great for preventing allergic reactions. It has a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants which can fight allergens well. So, drinking a glass of lemon water regularly keeps you away from allergies. (Also Read: Which Superfoods Make Your Skin Radiant)

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