Five Amazing Health Benefits Of Figs (Anjeer)

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health benefits of figs anjeer

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Fig (Anjeer) is the sweetest fruit in the taste. Figs are a rich source of iron, calcium, manganese, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, B1 and B2. Along with this, there are many types of antioxidants and omega fatty acids are present in the Fig. Due to such properties, it helps to protect the body from many diseases. Figs are quite beneficial for weight gain after a healthy diet. Figs are also helpful to prevent like health problems like constipation and cough problems.

Here are health benefits of Figs:


Figs are very effective to reduce the problem of constipation. The figs contain 5 grams of fibre, which helps to relieve the problem of constipation. Moreover, the figs also help to reduce the symptoms of diarrhoea.

Helps in weight gain

Fig contains high-calorie intake which helps in gaining weight. The figs help in healthy weight gain. Moreover, if the figs are consumed with milk then you get high amounts of nutrients. With this, gain weight easily and in a healthy way.

Reduces Cholesterol

Fig contains a soluble fibre called Pactin. When the fibre passes through the digestive tract, it exits high amounts of cholesterol from the body. Due to the soluble fibre, it also stimulates the bowling movement. Having higher fibre in the food helps in preventing many problems.

Controls blood pressure
health benefits of figs anjeer
People consume sodium through salt. But due to high levels of potassium and high quantity of sodium, high blood pressure becomes a problem. Figs contain high amounts of potassium and low amounts of sodium, so the consumption of figs keeps the balance of potassium and sodium. Your nerves also remain calm and prevent the problem of high pressure.

Make bones stronger
health benefits of figs anjeer
Figs are a rich source of calcium which is beneficial for strengthening bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. There is a high amount of phosphorus in the form, which helps in bone formation and growth.

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