How to manage the dry curly hair with simple home remedies

How to manage the dry curly hair with simple home remedies

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Though curly hair have been in trend since forever, managing them is a havoc in itself. Long, thick and volumised hair are hard to manage. They are in demand but ask the ones who are blessed with them. Chopping them off is the only thing they could relate to when they are pissed off managing those hair locks. What is the reason behind curly hair? Actually, the twisted hair follicle leads to the curly hair. The more the shape of the follicle will be twisted likewise the hair will be curly. Unmanaged long curly hair often lead to dryness, frizziness and lot of breakage. However, there are some simple home remedies which can help you to manage the curly hair and bring back the shine in them. (Also read: How to stop hair fall with simple home remedies)

Listed below are some of the home remedies to get rid of unmanaged curly hair:

Beer: Beer helps to moisturise the hair and makes them soft. Beer also helps to bring shine and lustre to the dull frizzy hair. Washing hair with beer or applying beer shampoo on curly hair can prove really beneficial. Rinse off hair with beer or apply the shampoo and leave it for 5 minutes, so that the roots also get nourished properly.

Eggs: Rich in proteins eggs do wonders to dry and frizzy hair. Applying egg mask on curly hair helps to moisturise the hair and also nourish them. So, take a beaten egg and mix it with olive oil. Add some cucumber juice to it. Apply the mask on the hair and leave it for half an hour. Wash off your hair with lukewarm water and you will notice the difference. (Also read: Five Amazing Homemade Hair Serum Recipes)

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera gel helps in the smoothening of hair and promote hair growth as well. It even helps to bring the lost shine back to the curly hair. Applying aloe vera gel in hair helps to nourish the hair with essential vitamins. Being rich in water, it helps to keep the scalp well hydrated and provides enough water to hair roots to help them breathe.
Gently massage the hair with aloe vera gel and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off the hair with lukewarm water and then apply some shampoo. You will see the difference in your hair.

Honey: Honey is one of the best natural ingredients to treat various skin and hair related problems. It helps to moisturise the dry hair and bring the shining back to them. Thus, mix 1 tsp. full of honey and olive oil together in equal proportion. Massage the paste gently over the hair and the scalp properly. Let it stay for some time and then rinse them off with water. Repeat the process once in a week to see the difference. (Also read: How garlic shampoo can prevent hair fall)

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