How to whiten your yellow teeth with a banana peel

How to whiten your yellow teeth with banana peel

People switch to various chemical products in order to whiten their yellow teeth. However, these chemical based products often destroy the enamel of the teeth. The upper coating of the teeth often turns yellow and has stains as it is exposed to various food products and acidic drinks. They leave an everlasting stain on the teeth. Thus, instead of using chemical based products, one should switch to natural and healthy products to give up yellow stains of the teeth. Banana has potassium and magnesium which are essential minerals to turn yellow teeth white. Banana is thus a very effective fruit to give up the yellowing of teeth. The peel of banana is used as a natural teeth whitener and is quite useful too. (Also read: How does turmeric help to remove teeth stains and discolouration)

How to whiten your yellow teeth with a banana peel?
Banana being rich in minerals like manganese, magnesium and potassium helps to cleanse the outer coating of the teeth and turn them white in colour.

  • Peel the banana from the fleshy bottom side.
  • Rub it across your teeth from the inner side of the peel.
  • You will feel a coating of banana paste over your teeth.
  • Keep it onto your teeth for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Try to keep your lips away from the teeth in order to not let the paste fade off immediately.
  • Now take a dry brush and brush your teeth evenly so that the paste spreads throughout.
  • Make sure you brush your teeth in a circular motion so that it reaches every corner of your teeth.
  • After that, wet your brush and wipe off the paste from the teeth completely.
  • You can then brush your teeth normally using your regular toothpaste. (Also read: What are the everyday habits that are extremely harmful for teeth)

One should repeat this procedure once a day in order to get rid of the yellow stains from the teeth. It is actually quite an effective way of getting rid of yellow teeth. Thus, using a natural product is quite good to keep the teeth healthy and strong. (Also read: What are the foods one should avoid for healthy and strong teeth)

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