Tips to get rid of allergy at home by using natural ingredients

Tips to get rid of allergy at home by using natural ingredients

People suffer from skin allergy due to change of seasons, pollution and dust. The allergic reaction also varies from person to person depending on the immune system. The common allergies are skin irritations, cold and throat infections.

There are few homely ingredients exist in our kitchen, which immunises us to fight against these allergic substances. There are easily available ingredients to prevent allergy. Let us have a look:

The Vintage Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar can be considered as the best remedy of allergy since Ayurvedic era. It also helps us reducing mucus and creates immunity in our body. Furthermore, it has antibiotic and antihistamine properties, which are the most essential to fight with allergy reactions and cleanse our lymphatic system. This also protects us from sneezing, coughing and skin irritations.

Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water. Stir it with the fresh lemon juice of one tablespoon and some equal amount of honey. Having this solution thrice in a day would work effectively.

Garlic, The all-rounder:

The magical remedies of Garlic are making it all-rounder in many ways. The way garlic spiced up the food, the same way it also helps the human body to fight against allergies.

It also has antiviral and immunity-boosting properties which would effectively work, if we consume two cloves of garlic once in a day. Having this with three drops of mustard oil can be another option if you have a stubborn cold.

The goodness of Turmeric:

Tips to get rid of allergy at home by using natural ingredients

Turmeric is another beauty Ayurvedic ingredient which has immense power to kill the bacterias and heal the skin. Its excellent capacity comes from the anti-inflammatory properties it inculcates. You can drink milk with raw turmeric juice or powder.

Peppermint :


Peppermint has anti- inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It acts effectively on allergies. We can also make Peppermint Tea. The goodness of tea make you feel refreshed and the peppermint would encourage immunity. If you are not fond of tea then the other option would be taking steam by adding few drops of peppermint oil.

The Lime water:

Tips to get rid of allergy at home by using natural ingredientsLime water serves us in various ways. It is considered as the anti-allergic ingredient. A half amount of lime juice in a glass of warm water can be your anti-oxidant in the morning. You can also preferably add one tablespoon of honey. The solution can help to extract the toxins from our body and works excellently as an anti-allergic agent.

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