Some Uncommon Usage Of Salt Everyone Should Know

Some Uncommon Usage Of Salt Everyone Should Know

Salt is something which can make our life miserable if it vanishes for some reason. From kitchen to human body functions, salt holds a huge place in our life. Food is not appetising with out salt, out body reduces Sodium intake with salt. Moreover, Salt can help our lives easier by being a smart remedy to many of our homely problems. These homely problems can be cleaning kitchen, sink, washroom or polishing dressing table and the pretty mirror location on your bedroom. Hence, we have come up with some amazing hacks with salt which are absolutely unknown to you. (Also Read: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Arthritis)

After knowing these hacks you will start considering salt as your life saviour. Lets us know:

Fruits Protection:
You know that lemon or vinegar help apples from browning. The same way salt also works. If you have many peeled fruits, you can preserve them by sprinkling some salt. When the times comes to eat the fruits you can wash those fruits to get rid of the salty taste, then you can have them happily. This technique even helps the fruits to get discoloured.

Hand odour prevention:
If you are worried because the smell of onions and garlic don’t come out of your hands, you can resort to salt. Combine vinegar and little amount of salt, rub mixture in your hands to remove the odours.

Stain prevention:
Bothered about tough stains on your suit? Drop your worries. You can use salt to remove tough stains effortlessly. Rinse your stained suit in salt water for an hour to say goodbye to stains. Moreover, it can also brighten up the colour of your faded clothes. (Also Read: How To Treat Hoarse Voice At Home)

Sink cleansing:
You can clean a typical sink that holds dirty dishes, leftover food and grease. Pour warm water containing salt in the kitchen sink to deodorize the sink and remove grease from it.

Skin exfoliation:
Salt is a very smart skin exfoliator. Those who take care of their skin at home with home remedies, they definitely know its benefits. So, you just have to add some salt and lemon juice in a bowl. You can add some honey which is optional. Gently rub on your skin and see the difference. Moreover, it boosts your blood circulation along with clearance of the pores.

Skin burn remedy:
If you want to know an effective home remedy of skin burn, salt is your ultimate remedy. You just have to put the salt on the burned area of your skin and cover it with the salt layer. Try using salt as soon as you get the burn. Salt prevents the blisters which are the best part and it prevents scalding too. (Also Read: Home Remedies For Blood Purification)

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