Say NO to headaches by these natural remedies

The world falls apart when you get a headache. This is something non-ignorable. Having a bad day at your workplace, workload, inadequate sleeping, traffic jams play an important role to demolish you completely. Some substances like alcohol, Caffeine, phenylethylamine added food can be dangerous to create an acute headache.

People usually snub this aside because this is a kind of regular problem but every time taking a pill to get rid of a headache is not a solution. Here are 10 amazing home remedies to get of headaches and we can assure you that all the products require for these remedies will be easily available in your kitchen.

The jack of all trades, Ginger:
Say NO to headaches by these natural remediesWe all have asked our mother several times to make that magical ‘Adrakwali Chai’”. The relief that we get from it obviously comes from the goodness of ginger. Ginger acts as an elixir for headaches on the very mechanism of the condition to reduce the pain one feels.

Having more than 200 substances in the oil helps ginger to work for many purposes. It is believed that ginger may block prostaglandin’s, which stimulates some muscle contractions, control inflammation and impact some hormones. In short, it reduces the inflammation of blood vessels in the head and eases the pain gradually.

The magical oil of Peppermint:
Say NO to headaches by these natural remediesThe combination of water and spearmint make peppermint a herb which works effectively on headaches. Essential oils are absolutely natural and free from any side effects. Fluctuations of oestrogen can bring headaches to many women, especially after menstruation circle completion. Hence, applying Peppermint oil on the head can work as life saviour.

The aromatic Lavender oil:

Say NO to headaches by these natural remedies
Lavender is a remedy for alleviating headaches. It is not used for making the fragrance. Lavender has a very soothing fragrance which stimulates to reduce the pain. Inhaling this fragrance while putting the essential oil on a tissue is quite helpful. Not only that you can add few drops of Lavender oil in a boiling water in a bowl to inhale.

Miraculous spice, Cinnamon:
Cinnamon is the magical spice which works effectively for treating the headaches. You just have to grind the raw cinnamon sticks till it does not make the powder form. Further, add some small amount of water to make a paste and apply it over your forehead. Keep this for 30 minutes, you will get a fast relief.

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