Remove tan: How to remove tanning from neck with easy home remedies

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effective home remedies to remove the tanning from the neck

Remove tan: To reduce tanning from neck, one must try out the effective home remedies.

Remove tan: During summers, the tanning of the skin is one of the most common problems. Whenever you go out, the skin gets exposed to the harmful rays of the Sun. It eventually changes the skin tone and makes it dark in colour. It spoils the overall look of the face. Some parts of the body get more tanned to the others. It thus causes uneven skin tone. As a result, you can’t carry your favourite dress properly. The skin of the neck is very sensitive and gets exposed to the Sun. It easily gets tanned. When you use excess beauty products to remove tan, it harms your skin. However, there are some natural ways to get rid of tanning from the neck. Let’s discuss some natural ways to remove tanning. (Also read: Sunburn: Which foods help to reduce sunburn)

Remove tan: Some effective home remedies to get rid of tanning on the neck.

  • Lemon juice and honey
  • Sandalwood powder and raw milk
  • Yoghurt and lemon juice
  • Sugar and olive oil

Lemon juice and honey

simple home remedies to remove neck tanning
Lemon along with honey help to remove neck tanning.

To remove tanning from the skin and to improve the skin tone, lemon juice is quite effective. It contains vitamin C which improves skin tone and honey moisturise your skin. For this, take one lemon and add half spoon of honey in it. Apply this mixture to your neck. Keep massaging it for 10 minutes and leave it for 25 minutes. Now wash your neck with plain water. (Also read: Acne on face: Amazing honey and lemon mixture to get rid of pimples from face)

Sandalwood powder and raw milk
Raw milk not only nourishes the skin but also lightens the skin tone. Sandalwood powder helps to remove the skin tan. For this, take some raw milk and add 2 tsp. of sandalwood powder. Apply this paste to your neck and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your neck after it. (Also read: Face Mask for Dry Skin: Sandalwood and Yoghurt Face Mask for Dry and Dull Skin)

Yoghurt and lemon juice
Take one cup of yoghurt and add lemon juice to it. Apply this paste to your neck and let it stay for 20 minutes. Now wash your neck with lukewarm water. Lemon has bleaching agent in it which improves skin tone. Yoghurt helps to keep the skin well-hydrated.

Sugar and olive oil

home remedies to get rid of neck tanning
Olive oil and sugar scrub help to get rid of tanning from the skin.

Olive oil and sugar help to remove the tanning from the skin. Take 2 tsp. of olive oil and add 2 tsp of sugar in it. Now apply it to your neck evenly. It helps to remove the dead skin cells from the skin and also removes tanning.

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These are some of the best home remedies to remove tanning from the neck. Besides this, use sunscreen when you go out in the Sun. Try to cover your body using a stole or a shirt. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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