How To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain At Home

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How To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain At Home

The arrival of a wisdom tooth is always very much painful. When the large molars of your jaw emerge and they come to the no space area near the existing teeth, the pain occurs. That is why wisdom tooth makes people suffer from immense pain and irritation. Many people prefer to visit a doctor as this tooth always grows inside the gum area. But if you want to reduce its pain, you do not have to visit doctor always. Here we are going to discuss some amazing home remedy to reduce wisdom tooth pain. Hope this helps. (Also Read: What Are The Home Remedies For Insomnia)

Hot water with salt:
salt water gargling can be great for any of your oral health issues. It is quite effective to reduce pain. So, you just have to make a bowl of warm water and have to put one teaspoon of salt into it. Now dilute the salt and start gargling on your mouth. Keeping the water in the area of the wisdom tooth is for some time can also help you to reduce the pain.

Clove has an amazing pain relieving effect on our body. It is great to reduce the wisdom tooth’s pain too. It has anaesthetic and analgesic effects which create sensitivity in your wisdom tooth area. So, you just have to make a paste of some clove in a bowl and have to apply this directly to your pain source. Other than that you can use clove oil too. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Toenail Pain)

Garlic has antioxidants, anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory effects which reduces the pain in your tooth. Also, garlic prevents the interference of bacteria in your mouth. So, to use this, you have to make a paste of garlic cloves and have to put that on your affected area for 10 minutes. By doing this, you can reduce the pain.

Onion has anti-inflammatory and anti-micro bacterial benefits which make your wisdom tooth’s pain less prominent. It, in fact, reduces the swelling caused by the wisdom tooth on the edges of your jaw and cheeks. So, to use this, you have to keep some onion slices in between two teeth near wisdom tooth area. By crushing onion again and again through your teeth can help you to reduce the pain.

Tea bags:
Tea leaves have a lot of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The tannin present in tea can help to ease up the pain of wisdom tooth. That is why keeping a small wet tea bag can help you to solve your problem. It will be great if you soak the tea bag in a glass of warm water for a minute. (Also Read: What Are The Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Sour Stomach)

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