Reduce Water Retention In Body By Following Simple Home Remedies

Reduce Water Retention In Body By Following Simple Home Remedies

Water retention is the condition when excess fluid builds up inside the body. The feets, hands, ankles and legs get swollen hence, the condition is also termed as Edema or Water fluid retention. The retention occurs in the circulatory system of the body i.e. the fluids get excessively accumulated in the body tissues.

The problem of water retention is common among people who sit for long hours. There are various home remedies available to get rid of water retention. Hence, we have mentioned the best five through which you will be able to get relief from water retention easily!

Intake Less Salt:
Salt has the chemical property of Sodium and Chloride. Sodium has the property to bind the water to the body which helps in balancing fluids both in and out of the body. Hence, intake of salt leads to more water retention in the body. Thus, to avoid the same intake less salt.

Eat More Of Magnesium Foods:
Almonds, green leafy vegetables and dark chocolates are some food sources available with a high Magnesium content. Magnesium has the property to reduce water retention in the body and also it is a very important mineral.

Say No To Refined Carbs:
Refined carbs increase the blood sugar and insulin level. The rising insulin level increases the reabsorption of sodium in the kidneys leading to retaining more water in the body. Hence, avoidance to refined carbs is must if you want to get rid of water retention.

Eat Foods Rich In Potassium
Avocado, Spinach and Tomatoes are the foods rich in Potassium content hence, make these foods a part of your routine as it can help you to reduce water retention. Potassium has the tendency to decrease the sodium level in the body and increase urination. Hence, it is beneficial for people who are going through water retention in the body.

Eat Vitamin B6 Presence Foods
Vitamin B6 also helps in treating water retention. You must eat bananas, walnuts, meat and potatoes to get rid of the problem.

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