Six Natural Treatments For Back Pain Relief

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Six Natural Treatments For Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the most common problems we all face. Be it the young generation or the old, everyone suffers from it at some point. Most people instantly start consuming medicines for pain relief. However, these things only provide temporary help. In the long run, the best possible treatment for back pain is using natural ways. [Also read: Exercises which can cause injuries to you]

Cold therapy
Simple cold pack application can help the back in a wonderful way. Cold pack reduces inflammation. It acts like an anaesthetic, as a result, it slows down the nerve impulse. It helps to lower down the pain.

Maintain healthy sleep cycle
Inadequate sleep or insomnia has a negative impact on the back pain. The body needs sufficient rest to deal with the pain in an effective manner. Lack of proper sleep makes the back ache worse. That is why it is important to get proper sleep every night.

Exercise your core
The muscles present in our abs and back have an important role in supporting the lower spine. Regular workout is not sufficient to maintain their physical well being. It is important to look for exercises specifically made for these muscles. [Also read: Five Cable Exercises To Strengthen Your Core]

Heat therapy
Heat therapy works in various forms like a heating pad, hot bath, hot water bottle or hot wrap etc. It is important to know what suits your requirement the most. The heat therapy stimulates the blood flow. It brings healing nutrients to the affected area.

Channelize your inner endorphins
Endorphins are hormones which are formed in our body. These hormones are as powerful as artificially available pain killers. They block the pain signals from reaching your brain. They also help to reduce stress and anxiety at the same time. To active endorphins, there are simple methods such as yoga, meditation or massage therapy.

Keep your brain busy
Our brain can be trained not to focus on the pain. It is important to keep yourself busy in happy activities. Keeping yourself happy is important to maintain a sense of well-being. [Also read: What is the Best Time to Exercise]

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