How to make a natural mouthwash at home to get rid of bad breath

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How to make a natural mouthwash at home to get rid of bad breath

At times, you have to feel ashamed because of the bad breath. Because of this, many a time, you remain isolated and do not interact with people. There are many products available in the markets that help to reduce or wash off the bad breath. But these products are not the permanent solution to your problem. These products are rich in chemicals which give you relief from bad breath for only a few hours. It is thus advisable to make a homemade natural mouthwash. It is easy to make and gives the best result. Besides this, there are no side effects of the same. Let’s discuss the how to make a natural mouthwash at home. (Also read: How does castor oil help to reduce the stretch marks)

How to make a natural mouthwash at home to get rid of bad breath?

The ingredients of this mouthwash are herbs that are beneficial for your health. Cloves and cinnamon are wonderful for your oral health and overall body. Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial in nature that helps to get rid of the oral problems. Because of cinnamon, the mouthwash remains fresh for a long time. Cloves are anti-bacterial in nature which helps to fight the bacteria in the mouth.

Ingredients required:
1 spoon grinded cloves
1 spoon cinnamon powder
A spoonfull of peppermint extract
1 cup of water (Also read: How to remove the underarms hair effectively at home)

How to make a mouthwash at home?
Boil a cup of water in a vessel. Mix the cinnamon powder and clove powder in it. Keep it on the flame for next 5 minutes. Turn off the flame and let the mix cool down. Now sieve the mix and add some peppermint extract to it, Now store it in an airtight container. You can use it every day after brushing your teeth. You can keep it by storing it for around 8-10 days.

Precaution: If you have any problem related to your gums and the teeth, then you should consult your dentist. Use this mouthwash only after the recommendation of the doctor. This mouthwash aims only at reducing the bad breath from the mouth. (Also read: What are the effective home remedies to get rid of breast pain)

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