Magical home remedies to get rid of inflammation

When our body penetrates toxins, micro-organisms, and allergens, it results in inflammation. The skin starts reacting negatively which leads to redness, irritation and swelling. After getting any injury or infection on the skin, the tissues get affected and swelled. Therefore, to prevent the infection from spreading all over the body, the immediate help of home remedy is required.

Our nature contains various useful ingredients which are helpful to cure the inflammation. Below mentioned is the list of those items:

The goodness of Garlic and Ginger:

Magical home remedies to get rid of inflammationGarlic and Ginger are considered to be the best anti-inflammatory ingredients. Garlic helps us to keep allergies aside whereas, ginger increases our immunity and also helps in preventing the allergies. However, consuming ginger and garlic in raw form are difficult. Therefore, you can add honey in chopped ginger and garlic or in a smooth ginger-garlic paste to consume it. Ginger blocks the first stage of inflammation. (Also read: Tips to get rid of allergy at home by using natural ingredients)

The holy basil:

The holy basilBasil is the most important ingredient of Ayurvedic tradition. It helps us in several ways to cure health problems. It gives us relief from cold, cough, chest cough, throat infection, etc. Having 3-4 basil leaves in the morning would provide you immunity instantly. It also has anti-oxidant and anti-allergic substances.

The beautiful Rose Mallow flower:

From Ayurveda to Science, Hibiscus flowers is a great remedy in various ways. It has a unique anti-bacterial substance to cure inflammation. It even helps to ease a sore throat and dry coughs. Also, Rose mallow petals, leaves and roots contain polysaccharide which has anti-bacterial property. That is why it heals the infected area effortlessly.

The useful Rosemary leaves:

Magical home remedies to get rid of inflammationRosemary has a huge amount of anti-oxidant in it which is effective to cure inflammation and any types of skin irritations. Hence, many researchers prefer to use Rosemary petal extracts to create medicines or antibiotics. It even intercepts arthritis.


Cinnamon can reduce inflammation by its anti-oxidant substances. Hence, as a medical resource please use crushed cinnamon barks. It also helps us in fighting with allergies, skin redness and infections. It enhances the tastes of the food while the benefit of it helps in boosting our immunity.

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