Ice therapy for instant headache relief

Ice therapy for instant headache relief

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For many decades people have been trying to find the perfect cure for headaches. Recently the ice therapy has shaken the world with its effective results. This method is a part of the Chinese Merdian System that follows the traditional yet daring methods of medication.

The ice therapy uses pressure, ice, or needles to manipulate the meridians of the body. According to ancient Chinese methods, the body is divided into 12 zones, that are also known as meridians.  (Also read: Amazing home remedies for sleeping disorder)

What is Ancient Chinese Philosophy?
The followers of this tradition believe that the body is made up of energy that is termed as “Qi”. Any problem that happens in the body is due to obstacles in the free flow of energy. For the free flow of energy, you should press some points.  One of these methods is the ice therapy.

The ice therapy procedure
For this therapy, you should use ice to apply the right pressure to break the Qi clot. The correct procedure is required for it, else it might harm the body. Consequently, for this, place a scarf or any cloth to make sure that the ice stays in its place. The ideal place to keep the ice is the base of the skull. Keep it there for a period of 15-20 minutes. Within a minute the portion will start getting a little warm. Follow it twice a day. The ideal time is in the morning and then right before sleeping in the night.

This therapy releases endorphins as a result of which there is a euphoric feeling in early days. However, you should keep in mind that ice therapy is not suitable for everyone, especially pregnant women, people with a history of seizure or someone who has had a pacemaker implanted, people dealing with schizophrenia should not try it. (Also read: Effective home remedies for the bloated stomach)

Other benefits of ice therapy
Ice therapy has various other health benefits as well. It helps in sleeplessness, digestive problem and neurological disorders. Therefore, the use of ice while dealing with pain is a widely practised method, it also increases the circulation of blood. Ice therapy is also helpful to provide relief from stress and anxiety. If used in a correct way, the ice therapy is a wonderful gift from the ancient Chinese treasure. Now, it is the time to freeze the headaches. (Also read: How to detox your hair at home)

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