How To Treat A Burnt Tongue

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How To Treat A Burnt Tongue

Our sense organs are very strong, however, there are times when we skip on some basic hacks and the same is applicable when we burn our tongue. By consuming something extremely hot we burn the tongue. At times it turns unbearable when it results in the formation of papillae i.e., bumps on the tongue skin. Unaware of the temperature of the food we are eating causes a burnt tongue. Therefore, to get a relief from this awful condition, there are some easy home remedies which you can follow.

Swish With Lukewarm Water:

You can calm your burnt tongue by swishing it with salty lukewarm water. The burn progression can be controlled by lukewarm water hence, it is an effective remedy for the burnt tongue.

Have Something Cold:

Eating or drinking something cold like an ice cream or a cold milk can bring down the temperature in your tongue. Hence, reducing the burning sensation and giving ease.

Spread Honey On Tongue:

Being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, honey can calm the burnt tongue easily. It reduces the inflammation of the tongue giving relief too. Hence, spread some honey on your tongue to see the result.

Eat Yoghurt:

Eating yoghurt when the tongue has burnt can give you comfort from burning sensation. Also, eating yoghurt immediately can also revive the lost sense of taste.

Use Mint Toothpaste:

Mint due to its cooling properties can activate the cold sensing nerves in the tongue. Therefore, applying a mint toothpaste can be beneficial to treat the burnt tongue.

Eat Sugar:

Eating sugar can also give you relief from the burnt tongue by reducing the hot sensation. Therefore, to opt sugar as a remedy, you have to eat sugar and allow it some time to melt in the mouth and then swallow. By this, you will feel at ease after some time.

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