How to remove garlic odour from hands and mouth

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how remove garlic odor from hands and mouth

Garlic has many medicinal properties and nutrients, you can not even stop it from consuming it. Garlic contains high amounts of vitamin B6, magnesium, selenium. Garlic produces cysteine sulfoxide due to which its odour lasts for a long time. These sulfuric compounds produce bacteria that cause stigma due to respiratory problems. The smell of garlic lasts for 24-48 hours in the lungs. As well as the smell of garlic remains in the hands. But with the help of some home remedies, garlic odour can be removed from hands and mouth. (Also read: What Are The Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath)

Here are the home remedies to remove odour.

how remove garlic odor from hands and mouth
Phenolic compounds in apples help to remove the problem of vomiting caused by garlic. Lactose in apple helps in removing garlic from the body. Eat apples or apple juice after you eat garlic. This will eliminate the smell of garlic.

how remove garlic odor from hands and mouth
Milk is very helpful in eliminating the smell of garlic from breath. This helps in removing odour from the intake of garlic. Take one glasses of milk for effective result.

Stainless steel

It sounds awkward in the hearing but stainless steel helps remove garlic odour from hands. When your skin comes in contact with an iron item, then it gets two electrons due to which it reacts with the oil of the skin and the stench removes itself. Rub the stainless steel on your hands for some minute then wash your hands with water. Doing this will remove the stench.

how remove garlic odor from hands and mouth
Lemon contains citric acid which destroys the stench enzymes coming from garlic. Also, helps to normalize the pH level of the skin. Because of which the compounds producing the odour go out of the body. For this, mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice in a cup of water well. After that use garlic to use this solution. This eliminates the smell of garlic. Wash hands with this solution as well. (Also read: How Carom Seeds And Black Salt Helps In Acidity)

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