How to regain the lost taste and smell naturally

How to regain lost taste and smell naturally

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Losing the sense of taste or smell even for a day can be very annoying. Usually cold and cough blocks the airways and you lose your sense of smell and taste for a day or two. However, do not get worried, there are few simple home remedies that help to regain the lost sense of smell and taste. A temporary loss of smell and taste can be tolerated but a prolonged period of such problem needs to be tackled. However, it is more important to find out the reason behind the loss of taste and smell. It may suggest something serious. Usually, with age, the sense of smell, taste, hear and sight become weak. But there are other causes as well, like excessive smoking, deficiency of a particular nutrient, sinus, gum infection and much more. (Also read: How to treat milk allergy naturally at home)

Let’s find out the natural home remedies to treat the loss of taste and smell:

Garlic: Garlic is effective in bringing back the sense of smell and taste. Boil 2-3 cloves of garlic with water. Drink the mixture when it is lukewarm. Repeating this procedure, twice a day will help to clear out the congestion from the nose. It will help you to smell and taste things like before.

Lemon: Lemons are rich in vitamin C and have refreshing fragrance. Lemon helps to restore back the sense of smell and taste. It fights the bacterial and viral infections thus makes the nasal passage clear. Mixing lemon juice and honey in a glass of water is an effective remedy to treat this problem. Besides this, you can also try consuming lemon pickle to treat your taste buds. (Also read: What are the home remedies to get rid of oily skin)

Mint: Popular for blessing us with the freshness and great taste, mint is one very effective remedy for regaining the lost sense of smell and taste. Make a refreshing mint tea by adding some mint leaves and water. Boil them together and drink it twice a day.

Taking steam: This is one remedy which can solve many problems. Inhaling steam is one of the basic steps to give away the problem of nasal congestion and blocked air paths of the nose. It also helps in reducing the inflammation and improves the smelling buds. If you have a problem with the lost sense of smell and taste, you should inhale steam twice a day to get immediate results.

Drinking enough water: Drinking plenty of water is the mantra to stay fit and healthy. Usually, dry mouth is one of the leading cause of the lost sense of taste and smell. Thus, drinking water every hour will help you to stay hydrated and improve your overall sense of taste and smell. (Also read: How to remove garlic odour from hands and mouth)

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