How to get rid of white coated tongue with simple home remedies

How to get rid of white coated tongue with simple home remedies

The tongue is one of an essential organ of the body. The tasting buds on the tongue help us to relish the food we eat. Some time due to unhygienic conditions or health problems, the tongue gets a coating of white colour substance. It eventually leads to bad taste in mouth and foul smell. It is due to the collection of bacteria on the tongue nodules called papillae.

And there are multiple reasons which cause a white coating on the tongue such as dehydrated body, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, dry mouth and unhealthy oral care. Besides this, there are many diseases which build a white coating on the tongue like jaundice, leukoplakia, lupus, syphilis, congestion etc. In fact, excessive medication also lead to the white coated tongue. Though this condition is temporary, yet there is a need to get rid of the same immediately. (Also read: Simple home remedies to reduce the black spots from the face)

Here are some of the most natural home remedies that help to get rid of white coated tongue:

Aloe vera juice: Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory in nature and can help in treating the problem of coated tongue. It also helps to kill the building bacteria on the tongue. So, sip one tablespoon of aloe vera juice and gargle around. Spit it out and then drink one more tablespoon of aloe vera juice. You should repeat the procedure for 15 days and you will find the difference.

Salt: Using salt is the most effective solution to get rid of the white coating on the tongue. Being antiseptic in nature, salt helps to kill the bacteria and the dead cells that build up on the tongue. So, take some salt on your tooth brush and rub it through the coated tongue. Gargle your mouth with lukewarm water and see the immediate result. You may also, gargle your mouth with salt water twice a day. Your tongue will be free from any bacteria build up. (Also read: Effective home remedies for the bloated stomach)

Vegetable glycerine: Vegetable glycerine is readily available at food stores. It helps to get rid of the bad breath and is effective if you are facing the problem of dry mouth as well. So apply some vegetable glycerine on your tongue and brush your tongue. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and see the difference. Repeat the process twice a day to see effective results.

Turmeric: Turmeric is the natural antiseptic and anti-microbial ingredient. It helps to get rid of the bacteria that builds up on the tongue. So take some turmeric and mix it with lemon juice to make a paste of it. Apply this paste on the tongue and scrub it well using a tooth brush. Gargle your mouth with lukewarm water and see the difference.

Baking soda: Using baking soda is another easy way to get rid of coated tongue. It helps to neutralize the acid formation in the mouth thus controls the PH level. So mix some baking soda with lemon juice and make a paste of it. Scrub your tongue by using a toothbrush and rinse your mouth with warm water You will find that your tongue will become pink in colour again. (Also read: Some Uncommon Usage Of Salt Everyone Should Know)

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