How To Get Rid Of Heel Hazards At Home

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How To Get Rid Of Heel Hazards At Home

Love for heels is something every woman has since their childhood. But wearing heels have many consequences. The techniques of walking after wearing heels, the discomforts, pain and the muscle cramps can make a person feel almost like an injured victim. Heels look so tempting to wear but they have a lot of side effects. These side effects affect not only your legs but your various body parts. It pushes the pressure to your feet balls and the delicate toe bones. This does not mean you stop wearing heels. You can wear it but you need to understand the limit. Wearing this long for a week gives you various pain injuries. Hence, you should be always prepared to face the consequences and should be aware of the remedies to get rid of it. So, have a look:
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Barefoot walking:
The best remedy of heel hazards is walking barefoot. When you wear heels, your entire body pressurises on the tow bones. This reclined position is not at all good for the body. That is why to change the position, you have to walk barefoot for a little time. Barefoot walking makes the feet get the usual pressure on the entire feet scale. But do not walk on a hilly road or stony ways. Your footsteps should be straight and flat. That is why walk on a plain surface, park, carpet, glass floor etc.

How To Get Rid Of Heel Hazards At HomeFeet soaking:
Warm water can make your legs relax quite well. You have made your feet suffer a lot, so now they deserve a relaxation. Arrange a tub with lukewarm water and put 1 teaspoon full of salt. Salt water works like a great spa to your feet muscles. If you want, you can add few drops of essential oil to it. There are some essential oils which are quite effective in relieving the pain. These are peppermint, marjoram, and basil essential oils. (Also Read: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Arthritis)

Treat those blisters:
When you get blisters, it feels like your legs are injured like anything. These heels are quite affecting in giving you some certain area blisters. So, whenever you get them, patch a band-aid to them. Always remember, do not pop them, it would turn into infections and dark spots. When you will be at home, use an ointment to them so that they get cured soon.

How To Get Rid Of Heel Hazards At HomeFoot massage:
Foot massage is not just the medical recovery, but it can be a good pampering session for you. Go to a massage professional who know the real stocks and sensation points. It would help your feet to stay relaxed and better. It can release you from the muscle pain and cramps. As your professional to use pain relive essential oils like peppermint, marjoram, and basil etc. (Also Read: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ankle Sprain)

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