Alcohol to treat head lice: How to get rid of head lice using alcohol

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Ways to get rid of head lice using alcohol

Ways to get rid of head lice using alcohol

There is a lot of trouble when there are lice in the hair. Headlice leads to itching, burning and pain. Along with this hair also falls. Lice are a parasite that lives on the skin of the head. Lice are the problem that most children have. If they are not removed then it grows, due to which it grows and you start having problems. People take help of many home remedies to remove the lice. Some of which are beneficial. Alcohol use is also beneficial to remove hair from the hair. People have to use alcohol to remove lice for a long time. Alcohol can be used in many ways to remove lumps. So let’s talk about the use of alcohol. (Also read: How to use coconut oil to get rid of the hair lice)


Ways to get rid of head lice using alcohol

  • Massage from alcohol
  • Alcohol and Tea Tree Oil
  • Alcohol and vinegar
  • Lavender oil and alcohol

Massage from alcohol:
To remove the lice just massage the scalp using alcohol. Massage alcohol with scalp and hair. Let it last for some time. Then put a little condition on the scalp. Then brush the hair with the lice comb. After that wash the head. Do this process once a week.
Alcohol and Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil contains insecticidal properties that help to eliminate lice. Also helps to remove irritation on the scalp. To use it, add 20 drops of Tea tree oil and fill in the spray bottle. Spray this spray on the hair for 1 hour. After that wash the hair. If your hair is wet, then use the lice comb. (Also read: Amazing home remedies to get rid of the fungus in hair)

Alcohol and vinegar
Acetic acid present in vinegar helps to eliminate lava. At the same time loses the grip of the louse on the hair. To use it, mix the alcohol and vinegar in equal amounts. Apply this mixture on scalp and hair and cover the hair with a shower cap. After letting all night, take out the lice from the comb in the morning after the next day.

Lavender oil and alcohol
To use it add some drops of lavender oil with a little alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray it on hair and scalp. When hair is wet, comb them. Then wash the hair with shampoo.

Children become very upset with the problem of lice. Which can be removed with the help of alcohol. Read it in Hindi as well.

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