How To Get Rid Of Ear Drainage At Home

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How To Get Rid Of Ear Drainage At Home

Ear discharge is also known as Otorrhea. It is a condition in which the ear discharges fluid most commonly the ear wax which is a natural process. Ear discharging wax is a common natural process wherein, the wax protects the ear from getting infected by germs, bacteria and other foreign particles. The excess of wax seems to be awful and when the condition is accompanied by the pain it becomes severe to experience. Therefore,  to give it a remedy there are some natural solutions. Hence, take a thorough read below to get rid of ear drainage at home with some simple home remedies.

Ear Steam:

The easiest and the effective way to get rid of ear drainage is getting the ear steam. The steaming opens the eustachian tube i.e., the middle ear to let the fluid flow out. Thus, you need to take hot water and let the towel dip in it. Wrap your head and ear with the warm towel and do not let the moisture hamper it. By this, the wet towel will give a warm compress to your ear giving you a natural remedy for ear drainage.

Mustard Oil:

Using mustard oil for ear drainage is extremely effective. It dissolves the wax completely which is ejected thereby, giving relief from the problem of ear drainage.

Gravitational Force:

The gravitational force works well too for the removal of ear drainage. Tilt your head (the side affecting ear) in parallel to the ground and create a vacuum by using your clean finger. By this, you will be able to remove ear wax by your fingers itself. You can also take an ear bed but be cautious while using it.


The garlic is very beneficial for removing ear drainage due to the presence of component Allicin in it. The allicin is anti-microbial in nature and can fight against any infections. Thus, to opt for garlic as a home remedy for ear drainage, you need to heat a spoon of mustard oil and add to it 2-3 garlic cloves. Heat the mix till the garlic turns black. Let the solution cool and then soak a cotton ball into it. Now, pour this oil through cotton ball into your ear and let it remain there for some time.

Neem Oil:

The Neem oil is beneficial for treating the ear drainage due to its anti-inflammatory property. You can put 2-3 drops of neem oil inside your ear and tilt head till it goes inside completely. Later, tilt the head in the other way to let the fluid flow out.

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