Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dry And Chapped Lips During Winter Season

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How To Get Rid Of Dry And Chapped Lips During Winter Season

Winters have already arrived and are bringing dry and chilly winds. People generally love winter but they do not like the consequences happen when the winter arrives. It snatches the natural moisture from the skin and makes it dry and patchy. It mostly affects our lips. Winter and lips both are having a rivalry relation. If anyone does not care for the lips during the chilly weather, they tend to get super dry and chapped lips. They eventually get cracked and start to bleed. So try some of the amazing home remedies which can make your lips as soft as they used to be. Hence, have a look at the following: (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Chickenpox Scars At Home)

Cucumber has various health benefits. It is great in order to treat the dry lips too. You just have to take out some peeled cucumber into a bowl. Now crush them and extract the semi-liquid from it. Apply this to your lips and keep it as it is for 20 minutes. If you want you can wash it off. Otherwise, this paste is almost like water. It will not bother your lips.

Aloe vera is great to treat many skin problems. It works amazingly when it comes to treat the chapped lips. Bring some aloe vera leaves and cut them vertically. Take out the gel from the inside and keep it in a bowl. Now take a little bit amount of gel to your finger and rub it on your dry and chapped lips. This gel works like one man army to treat your lips. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Heel Hazards At Home)

Green tea bags:
Using green tea bags to treat dry and chapped lips is an old and very effective home remedy. To use this you just have to dab a tea bag in a bowl of lukewarm water. After 5 minutes, take it out and squeeze the tea extract in another bowl. Now apply this liquid to your lips and leave it for half an hour. If you want you can even wash it off after the mentioned time.

Ghee or butter:
Ghee or butter is amazing when it comes to use natural oil and moistures. You just have to apply any of these amazing ingredients before going to bed at night. They will work overnight on those dry lips and will make softer and moisturised lips next day morning.

Lemon juice:
Lemon juice is great to recover the dry and chapped lips. It prevents ageing of the skin. It nourishes the sensitive skin on your lips, leaving them smoother and softer than before. You just have to take some lemon juice with one teaspoon of milk. Apply the mixture to the lips and recover them from getting chapped. (Also Read: How to Make Homemade Natural Deodorant)

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