How to avoid stomach infection during monsoon

How to avoid stomach infection during monsoon

No wonder rainy season is a harbinger of joy and pleasantness but it has got certain shortcomings as well. Though it boosts our mood and provide us with a relief from the extreme heat of summer, it also brings along a possibility of ill health too. During the rainy season, there is a rapid increase in a number of infections prevailing. A lot of bacteria, fungus, virus become active during this time which ultimately infects our body so much so that we fall ill. Not just this, even the food gets rotten easily during monsoon. Thus, it is advisable not to eat uncovered and contaminated food during the rainy season. Also, It is best to avoid eating from outside during the period of monsoon, to stay on a safer side. By being little alert and cautious, we can surely help ourself to keep the infections at bay. (Also read: Cinnamon And Honey Benefits In Common Cold)

Here are few ways in which we can avoid stomach infection during rainy season:

Avoid eating street food: Not just during the rainy season, otherwise, too we should be careful before consuming food from street vendors. There is no hygiene at the street food stall. They even do not cover the food products and it becomes a hay place for mosquitoes. This leads to passing on of infection and we fall ill. If you feel like eating from outside, go to a good restaurant and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene.

Stay hydrated but drink boiled water: Do you know that water becomes infected at much higher pace? Especially during the rainy season, ensure that you drink boiled and filtered water. Do not store huge amount of water at home, as it becomes contaminated. Store according to your consumption. (Also read: Why it is beneficial to drink water from copper vessels)

Wash your hands: This has nothing to do only with the monsoon season. Make sure you wash your hand as soon as you get back home from outside. Not just this, wash your hands properly before eating food. This is one of the most basic hygiene tips. Our hands transmit infections to the body through the mouth. Thus, they should be free from germs and infections.

Eat properly cooked food: Do not eat raw or undercooked food. Wash your fruits and vegetables properly before bringing them in use. Make sure your food is not uncooked. This leads to the birth of many infections in the food. A properly cooked food is free from germs and bacteria.

Improve your body immunity: There is no denying the fact, that if our body is capable of fighting infections then we are safe. So, try to boost the immunity by eating healthy. Take a well-nourished diet. A handful of nuts, protein shake, fresh fruits, boiled chicken etc. are few from the list of healthy foods.

Include ginger in your diet: Ginger has the properties of fighting with bacterial and viral infections. It even helps to fight the common cold and makes the digestion of the body good. Thus, including ginger in your food and your cup of tea will provide you relief in many problems.

Consume rice water: In case if you get infected and face trouble in the stomach, take rice water. It helps to provide relief in stomach inflammation and pain. (Also read: 6 simple home remedies to reduce uric acid level in the joints)

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