Home Remedies To Treat Warts Quickly

Home Remedies To Treat Warts Quickly

Warts are one of the most common and annoying skin problems. This appears on many parts of our body such as face, neck, feet, hands etc. It comes like pimples but with a very rough and hard skin surface. Sometimes it appears with a black and hard head which eventually stay forever to the skin if not treated initially. Experts say that warts are a kind of a virus which can be treated. So, if you like to treat warts in a homely way and want to stay away from surgical techniques, you can do that. Even home treatments are better when it comes to treating warts, pimples or acne. Hence, let us have a look at these super effective home remedies. (Also Read: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hand And Palm Skin Peeling)

Garlic has an antibacterial, antifungal and super antiviral properties. It is great when there is a need to treat any infection. You have to crush a garlic clove and have to apply it on your affected area. Now cover the affected area with a bandage. And leave it on your skin for 20 minutes. Then open the bandage and wash the area thoroughly. Do it twice every day for the best result. It will heal your infected area soon.

Hot Water Soak:
You have to soak warts in a slightly hot water. It will soften the area and help your skin to heal faster. It even kills all the bacteria and virus which created the wart. Hence, there will be no chances to happen any other infections. Add some white vinegar or Epsom salt can also be added to make the treatment more effective. (Also Read: Some Uncommon Usage Of Salt Everyone Should Know)

Baking Soda:
Baking soda has antiseptic and effective anti-inflammatory properties. It helps you to combat virus infections easily. You just have to Mix one teaspoon of white vinegar with baking soda together to make a thick paste. Dab a cotton on to your warts and do it twice in a day. Other than that, you can mix some baking soda with castor oil. Make a thick paste and apply it to the wart and cover the area with a bandage. Keep it as it is for 30 minutes. Then remove the bandage and in the next morning and see the changes. (Also Read: How To Treat Hoarse Voice At Home)

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