Home remedies to reduce inflammation after threading

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home remedies to reduces inflammation after threading

Women adopt many ways to remove hair from their body. But when it comes to face, threading is a better option. The threading does not involve any chemicals and is not harmful to the skin in long run. If you use chemical based products to remove hair from the skin it main causes many skin related problems. Despite the fact that threading is a painful process but it is better than other options. There is a lot of pain while doing threading and problem like burning sensation also occurs. It is better to use home remedies instead of using cream to get relief from this, as the home remedies protect the skin. (Also read: How To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain At Home)

Let’s know about home remedies to treat inflammation after threading:

Use a toner after threading
Toner has a cooling effect, which provides relief from irritation caused by threading and also reduces inflammation. Take a toner in a cotton and apply it on the affected area. Toner closes your skin pores that are opened after threading.

Apply ice
Ice is a better option to remove the problem of swelling and irritation. The ice also provide relief from rashes and cuts that occur after threading, because it has cooling effects. Apply ice on the affected area for a while. (Also read: What are the home remedies for swelling of lips)

Milk protein helps to remove inflammation, redness and swelling after the threading and also protects your skin. Immerse cotton in the milk and apply on the affected area.

Cucumber helps in the removal of irritation after threading. Apart from this, it also contains antioxidants which reduce burning and inflammation in the surrounding areas. Leave the cucumber slices on the eyebrow for 10-15 minutes.

Aloe vera
Using aloe vera is a good choice to remove inflammation, redness and swelling. Remove his juice from the aloe vera leaf and keep it around the eyebrow. (Also read: How to remove the underarms hair effectively at home)

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