Home remedies to get rid of diaper rashes

Home remedies to get rid of diaper rashes

Newborn babies usually face the problem of diaper rashes on their skin. The frequent urination and the inability of them to convey that they want to ease themselves is the reason why they are made to wear a diaper. These rashes are due to the skin’s direct contact with urine and faeces. This leads to the birth of bacterial and fungal infection and eventually leaves the rashes behind. When the diaper is wet, the skin is in continuous contact with fluids for a long time. Thus, it is not at all healthy for the skin of the newborn baby. Thus, there are some natural and home remedies to get rid of diaper rashes on the skin. (Also read: Easy Steps To Guide Your Baby How To Crawl)

Few natural ways to get rid of diaper rashes from the skin:

Change the diapers frequently: Mothers should keep a check on the diaper of the baby. If it’s wet and unclean, it should be immediately changed without a delay. Besides this, even if the diaper is clean, try to change it after every 3 hours to maintain the hygiene of the baby.

Avoid using baby wipes: Baby wipes contain alcohol content in them. This makes rashes on the skin of the baby. So try to use those wipes that are natural and alcohol-free. Instead, washing the bottom of the baby with clean water and soap is the best method to ensure baby’s hygiene. (Also read: Tips To Change Bottle Feeding Habit In Toddlers)

Use a blow dryer: Always pat the skin of the baby dries with a dryer to ensure hygiene. Mind it, set the dryer on cold mode and then use it. A hot dryer is harmful to the skin of the baby. Always dry the skin of the baby while you change the diaper.

Leave the baby diaper free: There should be enough time for the baby to sleep without a diaper. Diaper binds the skin so tight, that the skin does not get enough oxygen and air. Thus, there should be some time when the baby should be spending time without a diaper.

Do not use plastic pants: Plastic pants are a big ‘NO’. When the baby wears a diaper and then a plastic pant, it accelerates the possibility of fungal and bacterial infection to the baby’s skin.

Do not use over tight diapers: Make sure that the diaper of the baby isn’t too tight. It should let the skin of the baby breathe for some time. (Also read: How to massage a newborn baby correctly)

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