Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Breast Infections

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Breast Infections

Having breast infection is very common among women. An infection called Mastitis happens to women mostly who breastfeed their children. The first three months of delivery is very crucial and the peak time to develop this infection. Generally, this infection affects only one breast, not both. This happens because of the milk duct as the milk remains in the breast only. Otherwise, the entering of bacteria into the breasts through a break or crack on the nipple can be another reason of the infection. It is not something very serious but yes, it should be treated as soon as possible. Doctors suggest many women go for home remedies only because consuming medicines during breastfeeding is not good for the child. So, here are have come up with some amazing home remedies which will help you to treat breast infections. (Also Read: Magical home remedies to get rid of inflammation)

Cabbage leaves:

Cabbage leaves can soothe any times of inflammation and infections easily. Breast tissues are very delicate and cabbage leaves can take a good care of the delicate tissues as well. This leaf has sulphur compounds which help to reduce inflammation and swelling. You have to freeze few cabbage leaves in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After taking that out place it on the infected area of the breast. When it again take the normal temperature, replace with a cold one. Do this regularly until you get the best result.

Hot and cold compress:

You have to use both hot and cold compresses to treat your breast infection or mastitis. In one hand cold compress can help to reduce the swelling and relieving pain. The other hand a hot compress helps to clear the blockages to take out the infection. You have to prepare a hot compress by covering a hot water bottle on a thin towel. Now make a cold compress by wrapping a few ice cubes in a thin towel. Now you have to make a rotation of applying the hot and cold compress one by one to the area. Repeat the circle for 2-4 times. (Also Read: Tips to get rid of allergy at home by using natural ingredients)


Garlic is super beneficial in treating inflammation or infection. Its extracts are anti-bacterial. Also, it boosts the immunity system and helps in quick recovery. You can eat 2-3 cloves of garlic in your empty stomach. If you feel life just light fry few garlic cloves with some salt, put these in a container and can eat it throughout a day.

Breast massage:

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Breast Infections

If you are suffering from mastitis or breast infection, oil massage can be beneficial for you. This will unblock the plugged milk ducts and relieve swelling. You have to prepare a massage oil by adding apricots into wheat germ oil. Always massage your breast in upward strokes. You have to do it daily twice. You will feel better after 2-3 days and your infection will also go away gradually. (Also Read: Five amazing home remedies to get rid of Sinus Infection)

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