Home remedies to get rid of stuffy nose at night

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home remedies get rid nose closure night

The problem of the stuffy nose due to cold in winter is common. Because of this problem, people feel very uncomfortable because it not only affects their daily life but also affect sleep. People are always feeling tired due to a stuffy nose and they all feel lazy throughout the day. The stuffy nose also causes headache. But there are many such remedies that relieve the problem of stuffy nose and they do not have any side effects on your body. (Also read: Effective home remedies to deal with the problem of blisters on the tongue)

Let’s know how to get rid of nasal closure problem:    

Salt Water

Saltwater clear your mucus, dirt and also cleanses the breathing tube, which makes breathing process smooth. Put a little salt in lukewarm water and put some drops in the nose with the help of the dropper. This will provide you relief.

home remedies get rid nose closure night
This is one of the amazing home remedies for a stuffed nose. Lemon contains Vitamin C and antioxidant which cleanses your nose, which makes it easier for you to breathe. Mix 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with black pepper and salt and apply it on the nose and then leave it for a while. Soon you will see the result. (Also read: What Are The Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Stubborn Lice From Your Head)


Garlic has many medicinal benefits and it is a great option to remove the problem of a stuffy nose. Garlic contains antioxidants which help fight infections. Consuming a garlic soup can be beneficial to get rid of stuffy.

home remedies get rid nose closure night
Steam is very helpful to reduce many problems associated with respiratory systems such as influenza and sinus. By taking the steam, all the fluids from your nasal pipe flushed out. You can also add peppermint to the water, it will help effectively to overcome the problem.


Basil has many health benefits and it is very beneficial to eliminate the problem of the closed nose. It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that clean the nose and helps in getting smooth breath. You will start seeing results soon after chewing basil leaves. (Also read: What are the home remedies for reducing swelling of the gums)

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