Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Migraine

Home remedies for migraine, migraine

The head is having migraine ache.

A migraine is the greatest form of a headache which is not just painful but it accompanies a lot of other health issues too. It comes with nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound etc. The pain that occurs due to a migraine is way greater than just a headache. When it strikes, the patient experiences an extreme ache in the middle of the head and forehead area. He feels to get immediate relief from this severe pain. Trying some home remedies is the drugfree way to reduce this disease. It is safe, natural and effective also. Hence, have a look at the following to know about the home remedies to get rid of a migraine. (Also Read: Say NO to headaches by these natural remedies)

This article includes:

  • Ice pack
  • Acupressure
  • Ginger
  • Add magnesium to your diet
  • Peppermint

Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of a Migraine:

Ice pack:
The ice pack is the most common solution for reducing migraine. It helps to numb the nerves which are creating extreme pain. You just have to put some ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth and have to apply that to your head. Do this for 10-15 minutes constantly. If you have ice bag then use this, or try any other cold compress method you have.


Home remedies for migraine, migraine
Undergoing acupressure at home.

Undergoing acupressure is a great way to reduce a migraine naturally. To reduce this, the expert will make certain point pressure on your forehead, hands and neck. This, in fact, reduce nausea, vomiting, neck pain and other migraine symptoms also. Furthermore, acupressure has amazing benefits in normal headaches too. To know about it click here.

Ginger can reduce the migraine pain also. To use this, you have to drink at least 3-4 cups of ginger tea in a day. When the migraine strikes, you can consume ginger even directly. Chewing it provides relief from the pain. In fact, ginger is used in many migraine drugs also.

Add magnesium to your diet:

Home remedies for migraine, migraine
Magnesium rich foods to eat as a home remedy for a migraine.

If your body is lacking in magnesium, it may lead to a migraine. So, if you have a migraine adding magnesium to your diet will be good for the health. Add foods like walnuts, almonds, cashews, oatmeal, eggs and milk etc.

Peppermint is one of the best remedies for a migraine. Its sweet, striking fragrance helps the brain to minimise the pain. Drinking two cups of peppermint tea with honey can be good for your health and the migraine. (Also Read: What Are The Home Remedies For Insomnia)

These are the amazing home remedies to get rid of a migraine. You can read this article in Hindi.

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