Home Remedies For Blood Purification

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Home Remedies For Blood Purification

While flowing through the veins our blood becomes impure due to various toxins which enter the bloodstream. Moreover, microbes, heavy metals, and several radicals cause a huge threat to the body that makes their way into the bloodstream easily. This happens to many of us. Poor lifestyle habits, wrong choice of diet, environmental factors are responsible for blood impurification. To purify our blood there are a lot of effective home remedies we can try. Natural ingredients are safe, non-artificial and effective too. (Also Read: Reasons behind drinking water on an empty stomach after waking up)

So, let us have a look at those home remedies which purify our blood:

As we all know the greatest source of Vitamin C is Lemon. Vitamine C triggers the production of Protein glutathione in the liver. This helps to remove the toxins from the blood stream. Lemon alkalizes the entire body and promotes the production of the vital enzymes. What you have to do is, squeeze an entire lemon and try to add it with your sprouts, breakfast items. If this not, then a glass of lemon water would also be fine for you. There is no special way to consume lemon.

Basil leaves:
The Indian name of Basil leaves is ‘Tulsi’. It has detoxifying agents present in it which purify the blood by removing the unwanted toxins that accumulate in the blood. You can boil few leaves of basil leaves and put it in a glass of water. Just cover the glass and leave aside. Pour the brown colour tea with the solution and drink it. Continue this process for three days in a week for three months. It is a medicated herb and its properties are curative which helps to remove congestion in the lungs easily. It removes the unwanted toxins from the blood and purifies it neatly. (Also Read: Why it is beneficial to drink water from copper vessels)

Neem leaves:
Neem leaves have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. These properties are very much important for blood purification. Moreover, it helps to fight against the clots and people use it to treat skin problems, ailments etc. Not only this, it cures ulcers, arthritis, and gum diseases. Hence, to use it you can make a smooth paste of the leaves. Yes, it is extremely bitter but its benefits are too high. You can put that neem paste on your reddish brown tea and can drink it thrice a week. Try this for 2 months continuously.

Honey helps in processing blood. It supports in protection the arterial walls and improves the blood circulation. So, by these way honey purifies our blood. Also, it is anti-bacterial in nature. Then, you have all the better ways to use honey for blood purification naturally. There is no particular way you can consume honey. Whatever suits you, try that. It will definitely help you after 3 months. (Also Read: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Arthritis)

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