Home remedies: Effective home remedies which needs to be back again

Old time home remedies, home rmemdies which we have forgotten

Old time effective home remedies should be back again

Old Time Effective Home Remedies: We all know that India is a storage house for all the Ayurvedic treatments. That is why from the ancient ages our country is serving us to provide us with many effective medicines and home remedies. But unfortunately, with the revolution of science and civilisation, we also joined the movement towards the development. That is why we have forgotten many old-time effective home remedies. Our dependency on medical science made us forget about these magical remedies. Hence, we are going to talk about some almost forgotten but super effective oil time home remedies. Have a look at the following. (Also Read: What Are The Bizarre Home Remedies That Actually Work)

Old Time Effective Home Remedies:

  • Hazel plant
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Apples
  • Licorice or mulethi
  • Baking soda

Hazel plant:

Hazel plant has high anti-inflammatory properties. That is why many brand use hazel leaves to make many ointments and beauty products. In fact, hazel as a herb is great to treat and heal burns, pimples, breakouts naturally. Moreover, it has tannins, which help to calm the blood vessels and reduce swelling in the body.

Petroleum jelly:

Petroleum jelly can make your skin stay away from acne, pimple and breakouts.

Although we use petroleum jelly sometimes, we are unaware of its actual benefits. It is not just a jelly which reduces dryness from the skin, but it has various other benefits. It can prevent comedogenics and acne-causing breakouts in the skin. In fact, it can be a great solution in wounds, cuts and external bleedings.


Apples can be a great substitute if you do not have a toothbrush with you. Biting an apply can help your teeth to lose coffee stains, plaque buildups etc. The skin of the apple has super high fibre content. So, this can scrub your teeth naturally. Hence, next time bite an apple if you do not have a toothbrush with you.

Licorice or mulethi:

Old time home remedies, home rmemdies which we have forgotten
Licorice or mulethi is a very powerful ingredient for your oral health and skin

The usage of mulethi may be the oldest. Chewing licoroce roots can help you to get rid of bad breath and gives you a fresh oral life. Other than that, licoirice can be great for your skin. It can easily fight with the acne-prone skin and gives you a flawless look. That is why many beauty and oral health brands use mulethi as a premium ingredient to make any products.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is a great remedy for bee stings. The mixing of baking soda and water can be a good solution to reduce the swelling and the pain caused by bee stings. But if you are allergic to bees or insects visit a doctor as soon as possible for better solutions. (Also Read: What are the effective natural painkillers present in the kitchen)

Hope reading these remedies can make you remind of your grandparents who used to teach these natural ways for various problems. Now use them whenever there is a need and get a quick relief. Read this article in Hindi also.

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