Holi 2018: How to prepare Holi colours at home

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Holi 2018: How to prepare Holi colours at home

Holi is a festival of colours. People use various kinds of colours to mark the occasion. However, the artificial colours which are available in the market can really harm your skin. They contain a lot of chemicals that can cause skin irritation, burning sensation and allergy. These colours are very cheap therefore many people prefer them. However, instead of buying the colour this holi you can easily make them at home. The homemade colours are not that harmful to the skin. It is easy to make them if you know the right way. So, let’s find out how to make the colour at home for Holi. (Also read: Holi 2018: How to easily remove colour from the skin)

Yellow colour
To make the yellow not much is required. You can make it out of Gram flour and turmeric. To make it take turmeric and mix it with the double amount of gram flour. You can add Multani mitti to it as well. Other than that you can use marigold flower petals. Just dry them and use them.

Herbal watercolour
People who enjoy the festival of Holi don’t need to depend on chemical colours to play Holi. You can use herbal watercolour instead. For this, take 100 grams of Palaash and soak them in water overnight. It will turn into a saffron colour. It doesn’t harm the skin and it is safe for the children. (Also read: What are the effective home remedies to get rid of breast pain)

Green Gulaal
To make the green colour you can use mehndi or henna. For this make sure that there is no Indian gooseberry in the henna. Add henna to flour in the same amount. You can add dried Gulmohar petals to it as well.

Red Gulaal
To make the red colour you need to mix the sandalwood powder and flour. It is completely chemical free. If you want watercolour then you can just boil the beetroots in water. Let it dry and then play.

Blue Colour
To make the blue colour all you need is to grind the Gulmohar flowers. You can add hibiscus leaves to it as well. (Also read: How to get rid of dental plaque at home naturally)

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