Here are few tips to get rid of cough at home

Here are few tips to get rid of cough at home

We generally ignore coughs as we consider it as a general health issue. However, a severe coughing is injurious to health. Taking medications may diminish the coughing frequency but it does not heal you properly.

There are few home remedies which can help you to minimise the coughs naturally. If we look at our kitchen, this health problem can easily get solved. Let us know few of them.

Honey-the master of remedies:

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We all know that drinking tea or warm water with honey act surprisingly upon coughs. Honey can be added to milk even. It releases cough from the chest and helps to clean throat. For better result, milk and honey should be taken before going to bed at night. After getting up from the bed, a tablespoon of honey works effectively on an empty stomach because of its analgesic components. Honey is cost effective and easily available.

The benefits of Ginger:

Here are few tips to get rid of cough at homeGinger is the most powerful natural cure which not only recovers cough but is also helpful for throat, chest and heart diseases. Crush the ginger after cutting it into slices. Pour the crushed property in a glass of hot water and boil it about 6-10 minutes. Swallowing this solution thrice a day would also bring relief to the throat.

The power of Steam:

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Steam is something which we never consider solemnly. But the power it has, none of the ingredients can ever compete. Inhaling steam could directly hit you on the cough blocked in the chest. However, it immediately loses the mucus and helps us to feel relieved. Thus, boil a pot full of water for 15 minutes and add few drops of tea tree oil. Put the pot of warm water on a table and cover your face with a towel to inhale only the steam. This is a great way to eliminate a dry cough from your chest and throat.

And finally Lemon:

Here are few tips to get rid of cough at homeVitamin C is the most useful component in Lemon. It effectively diminishes the inflammation and bestows the immunity to fight against a cough and cold germs.

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