Get rid of Cold and Flu at home with these amazing tips

Get rid of Cold and Flu at home with these amazing tips

During the seasonal change, we tend to get affected by cold and flu. This is a harmless disease, many people recover on their own within two weeks. But here we have come up with few absolutely natural remedies to get rid of cold and flu easily. Do not let the cold and cough to ruin your happy time, just taking care of few things can boost your immunity and make you healthy.

To keep the flu and cold away we can opt for these remedies mentioned below:

Ginger, the master:
Get rid of Cold and Flu at home with these amazing tips
When we are talking about cold remedies, there is nothing more effective than Ginger. It works tremendously on cold and flu. You can squeeze it on tea and can even boil it with water and drink it. It would even be nicer if you add 1 teaspoon full of cinnamon and a slice of lemon on your ginger tea. It would preferable if you avoid milk in the tea. Otherwise, you can squeeze the juice of ginger and can mix it with a teaspoon full of honey and consume it. This is the most effective way to help you get rid of cold and cough.

The spray of salt and water:

A salty rinse for your nose can be the fighter of mucus. This eases up the post nasal drip and moistens dry membranes. This also removes the virus creating cold and flu inside you. You can get saline sprays at any drug store near you. These solutions are safe and effective. They would not even bother your breathing system. They are good for kids as well. Spray the salt into one nostril and then gently blow out. Repeat on the other side until no more mucus comes out.

Super beneficial Water Steam:

You must know that steam is the most effective remedy for cold and flu. Many doctors suggest to do it at home. If you are suffering from nasal congestion, this can be your life saviour. The heat of the steam loosens mucus while the moisture helps to relieve dry nasal passages.

All you have to do is, take a large bowl of hot water and keep your face 15 centimetres away from the bowl and hide your head with a towel. However, inhaling steam is the best remedy for any type of cold and flu.

The best of Honey:
Get rid of Cold and Flu at home with these amazing tips
Honey is the master of all remedies. Especially for the cold, cough and flu-related problems. It is rich with demulcent, with a high viscosity and stickiness which is good for coating and soothing the mucous.

However, you just have to take one tablespoon of organic, raw honey and have to consume this 2-3 times in a day. Otherwise, you can add one tablespoon of Chawanprash with the same. This is another effective remedy which doctors also recommend.

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