How to get rid of fleas on dog naturally at home

How to get rid of fleas on dog naturally at home

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Like human beings, dogs or any other pets also need to maintain personal hygiene. Ignorance of keeping oneself clean can lead to many problems. In case of pets, especially dogs, unhygienic condition or otherwise as well, flea attack is very common. This usually leads to uneasiness to the pet and is also unhygienic for the family. There are many natural ways by which one can help their dog to stay away from the fleas. Fleas on a dog could also be extremely harmful to the little baby at your home. Thus, it is necessary to deal with them as soon as possible. (Also read: What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog)

How can flea be prevented from the skin of dogs:

Citrus juice: If you have a pet dog at home and it complains of fleas, then you should use the peels of orange and lemon. Do not throw off the peels and instead boil them with water. You will get citrus juice. Let the juice cool down and then pour it over on the body of the dog. Make sure you pour evenly covering all the areas.

Olive oil: Natural oil prove very effective in getting rid of the pet fleas. The body of pet dogs is a storehouse of these fleas. If your dog has fleas on the body then olive oil is what you need. Rub the skin of the dog with olive oil. Leave it for some time and then wash it off with water. (Also read: What to do immediately if a dog bites you)

Salt: Salt is one remedy for multiple things. It helps to kill the fleas and make your pet free from them. Applying it on the body of the dog will make it uneasy for the dog. However, use it in the places where the fleas lay the egg. It will help to prohibit their further multiplication on the skin of the dog.

Apple cider vinegar: Make your pet dog drink a spoon full of apple cider vinegar mixed with water. It will help to get rid of the fleas from the skin of the dog as soon as possible.

Water: Water is the best source to get rid of the fleas from the body of dogs. Maintaining the hygiene of the dog is necessary. Thus, timely bath and combing the skin of the dog will solve the problem to a great extent. You can also use dog products to wash them in a better way. (Also read: How to manage the dry curly hair with simple home remedies)

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