How to get rid of burning sensation in the stomach

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How to get rid of burning sensation in the stomach

It often happens that you indulge in some spicy cuisines which results in burning sensation in the stomach. The burning sensation leads to chest ache, gas, bloating and uneasiness in the stomach. The main culprit for this is the rise of acid levels in the stomach. Other than this it can be due to side effects of medication, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, unhealthy diet as well. If this problem is not treated on time then it can turn worse. There are some simple home remedies that are really helpful in controlling the burning sensation in the stomach. So, let’s find out about them.

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Apple vinegar
The apple ginger has alkalizing properties that help to maintain the acid level in the stomach. When you consume the apple vinegar then it prevents the excessive production of acid. So, add 1 or 2 spoon of apple vinegar and honey in equal amount to the warm water and drink it 1 or 2 times in a day.


How to get rid of burning sensation in the stomach
The ginger is amazing to get rid of the problems related to the digestion. The ginger promotes the secretion of mucus and that controls the acid present in the stomach. For its benefits have half spoon ginger juice mixed with a spoon of honey before the meal.

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Aloevera juice
The aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory traits as well as the vitamins, minerals and amino acid properties. It improves your digestive tract and removes the toxins from the body. For this have a half cup of aloe vera juice before the meal.

The lemon helps to keep the acid level in check in the stomach. So have it with warm water. Having this on an empty stomach is even more healthy.

The banana contains fibre in a high amount that helps to control the production of acid in the stomach. The banana has a natural antacid as well. So, add a banana smoothie to your daily routine.

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