Effective home remedies to get rid of smelly feet

Effective home remedies to get rid of smelly feet

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In the season of monsoon, smelly feet are one of the worst problems. Our feet have half a million sweat glands and they produce all kinds of smells. In monsoon bacterias easily latch to the skin of feet and feed on the dead skin this leads to foul smell. Dampness and humidity add to this situation. Every day our feet are trapped in shoes or socks, which is why the smell keep accumulating. This problem is not only bad for the feet but also embarrassing for the person. However, there are few simple home remedies available to help this condition. [Also read: What are the essential hand care tips]

Baking Soda:
Baking soda, it is an effective way to remove the foul smell from the feet. It reduces the number of bacterial presence. Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is an effective remedy to eliminate foot odour. It neutralizes the pH of sweat. Mix baking soda with warm water(1 tablespoon for 1 liter of water) and soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Do it every night for a week. Another way is to sprinkle the soda on your feet and shoes.

Tea bags:
Using tea bag for smelly feet is one of the most effective ways. Add 4 to 5 tea bags in one litre of water. Then soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes every day. Tea contains tannic acid that helps to control the number of bacterias.

Lavender Oil:
Lavender oil smells good but it helps kill bacteria as well. It has antifungal properties which help to deal with the foul odour. Add few drops of lavender oil to warm water. Then, soak your feet in it for 15 to 20 minutes. [Also read: The Hazardous Chemicals Our Body Lotions Include]

Vinegar creates an acidic environment, which is fatal for the bacterias. It is really helpful to deal with smelly feet. Make a mixture of one-half cup of vinegar and six to eight cups of hot water. Soak your feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your feet, to remove the strong smell of vinegar.

Talcum powder:
Talcum powder or baby powder can be used to remove the extra moisture from the feet. It can be sprinkled directly on the feet and shoes to remove the dampness.

All these simple home remedies can help to keep the feet odour free and happy. [Also read: How to take better care of your nails]

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