Effective home remedies for the bloated stomach

Effective home remedies for the bloated stomach

A bloated stomach can be a cause of worry for men and women alike. Bloated stomach is an uncomfortable condition that causes an irritable bowel movement, constipation, or other digestion related problems. Bloating is caused by unhealthy eating habits, consuming too spicy food or too greasy food. Bloating means swelling of the abdomen causing discomfort and pain in some cases. However, some people experience this problem every other day which makes their lives extremely difficult. However, bloating is not a very dangerous state, which is why by just using simple home remedies you can get rid of this problem. (Also read: Home Remedies For Blood Purification)

Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea has left everyone amazed due to its amazing effects on the digestion process as a whole. It is a very safe herb. It helps to soothe the muscles, which helps in the case of bloating. This magic herb reduces the stomachache and helps in improving the digestion.

Pumpkin contains rich amount of fibre, potassium and also vitamin. However, many people don’t know that pumpkin is a great help in the case of the bloated stomach. It helps with the digestion and to reduce the swelling of the abdomen. You can use the pumpkin as a vegetable or you can use the pumpkin seeds. Take two cups of water and boil it with pumpkin seeds. It will be extremely helpful in the case of bloating. (Also read: Simple home remedies to reduce the black spots from the face)

Fennel seed
One of the most used home remedies in case of bloating is the use of fennel seeds. Basically, these seeds contain carminative agents. These agents help in the case of gas problem in the stomach. In most of the case, over secretion of mucus leads to bloating of the stomach. Fennel seeds help to remove the extra fat from the intestine, which leads to the bloating-free stomach.
Take a half table spoon of fennel seeds, crush them and then boil them in one cup of water. You can take it twice or thrice a day to help with the bloating. (Also read: How To Treat Conjunctivitis At Home)

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