7 easy home remedies to heal stretch marks

7 easy home remedies to heal stretch marks

Stretch marks are lines that appear on the skin and it is the most common skin problem. They appear when the skin is stretched unnaturally. It is caused by numerous factors such as pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, weight lifting etc. It equally impacts both men and women.

The marks appear on various body parts such as stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. Sometimes they appear in form of a large uneven line. Due to their presence, the person feels uncomfortable with his or her body. It makes the person conscious while choosing clothes or wearing certain clothes. There are simple home remedies for reducing the appearance of the marks.

Castor oil
Castor is the treasure chest of various benefits. It is anti microbial, anti ageing and anti fungal. With its regular massage of castor oil, it greatly reduces the appearance of the stretch marks. Additionally, it helps other skin related problems like pimples, blackheads and dry skin.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has anti – inflammatory property that helps to reduce the presence of the stretch marks notably. Furthermore, it soothes and repairs the damaged skin.

Egg white
Egg white is a great source of protein. For stretch marks it highly recommended. Using a spoon, crush the egg white and apply it directly to the area. Leave it for 10 minutes and then clean it up with cold water. It has Amino acid in it, which helps in healing.

Lemon juice
Lemon Juice has acidic qualities that are a great help for removing stretch marks. It also has a healing effect on other skin related problems especially pimples. Apply it directly on the area for 10 minutes. Then wash it with warm water.

Potato Juice
It is also a great way to get relief from stretch mark easily. It is easily available and easy to use.

Sugar mixed with almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice can have an amazing impact on stretch marks. Just after a month, the change in the stretch marks can be visible.

Olive oil
The use of olive oil for skin related issues is a tried and tested method. It does wonders in the case of stretch marks as well.

All these simple remedies can provide you with a happy healthy skin in no time.

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