Dust allergy: Home remedies for dust allergies

Home remedies for dust allergies

Effective home remedies for dust allergies

Due to an external substance, there is a highly susceptible reaction from the end of the immune system. The particle might not be harmful can trigger a serious allergic reaction. The allergy occurs when antibodies are highly active in white blood cells, which are called immunoglobulin-E. Allergy can be caused by dust, animal hair, particles, chemicals and certain types of foods. One of the most common kinds of allergies is the dust allergy. It leads to problems such as a headache, hives, swelling and colds. In that case, you should seek help from certain home remedies to feel better. (Also read: Which fruits and vegetables you should include in an anti-allergy diet)

Dust allergy remedies

  • Wash your nose
  • Peppermint tea
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Honey
  • Green tea

Wash your nose
Washing your nose well helps to protect you from allergies. It helps to calm the respiratory system because it destroys all dust particles. Mix one teaspoon of salt and baking soda in a glass of water. Insert this mixture into the nose so that it can be passed through the mouth or nose through the tube. Do this 4 to 5 times to clean the passage and ease the body. (Also read: What Are The Most Effective Anti-allergy Superfoods)

Peppermint tea

Home remedies for dust allergies
Peppermint tea for dust allergy

Peppermint-T has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which helps you control the allergic reactions. Boil the mint leaves in hot water and take a stream. By doing so the dust particles will get out. (Also read: How to treat milk allergy naturally at home)

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar provides health benefits such as healthy digestion and great body metabolism. Mix one teaspoon apple vinegar in a glass of water and drink this mixture thrice a day. This tonic helps to cure allergic symptoms. (Also read: Tips to get rid of allergy at home by using natural ingredients)


Home remedies for dust allergies
Honey as a Home remedy for dust allergies

The honey has antiseptic properties, which helps to provide protection against dust or any other allergy. Consumption of honey provides relief from the sneezing caused by dust. Dip a drop of honey in cotton, and apply on rashes and blisters caused by allergic reactions on your hands, feet and other parts of the body. (Also read: What are the signs of the milk allergy and its treatment)

Green tea
Green tea contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which protect our body from allergic reactions due to dust. Drinking green tea also provides relief from inflammation and pain.

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