Dark inner thighs: Home remedies to get rid of dark inner thighs

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Dark inner thighs can be lighten by using home remedies.

Dark inner thighs: Home remedies to lighten dark inner thighs.

The dark skin tone of inner thigh cause problem as well as embarrassment. The tone inner thigh become dark due to many reasons like excessive sweating, harmful UV rays, excessive used chemical-based beauty products and due to shaving around the bikini area. All these factors imbalance the hormone due to which skin tone of inner thigh become dark. To get rid of the dark inner thigh problem many beauty products available in the market. These beauty products may provide instant results but they also cause side effects. Therefore, it is always better to use natural products. There are many home remedies which effectively lighten the dark skin tone of the inner thigh. (Also read: How To Get Rid Of The Dark Skin Around Lip And Chin)

Dark inner thighs: Which home remedies to lighten dark skin tone of an inner thigh.

  • Aloe vera
  • Yoghurt
  • Lemon
  • Oatmeal
  • coconut oil
  1. Aloe vera
    Aloe vera is extremely beneficial for the skin. It is a good source of anti-oxidants and helps to clean the dead cells. Apply aloe vera gel for 30 minutes on the inner skin of the inner thigh and then wash it with warm-hot water. The will removes the darkness of the skin. (Also read: Aloe vera gel for hair: How does aloe vera gel help to have healthy hair)
  2. Yoghurt
    Yoghurt has bleaching properties that help in the removal of the blackness of the inner thigh. Apply yoghurt on inner high for 20 minutes. Then wash the skin with light warm water.
  3. Lemon

    Lighten dark inner thighs with lemon
    Dark inner thighs: Lemon can be use lighten dark inner thighs.

    Lemon contains vitamin C and bleaching properties which help in the removal darkness of skin. For this, mix honey in lemon. Apply this mixture on the skin of inner thigh for 30 minutes and then wash the skin with light warm water.

  4. Oatmeal
    Oatmeal contains exfoliate properties that help in cleaning dead cells. To use it, mix oatmeal, tomato juice in a bowl and make a paste. Scrub with this paste on the inner thigh. Doing this 3-4 times a week is beneficial to reduce the darkness of the inner thigh. (Also read: Healthy skin: Oatmeal face pack to make skin more beautiful)
  5. Coconut oil
    Coconut oil moisturizes the skin. This oil is beneficial for improving the skin tone of the inner thigh. To use it, add 3 spoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon lemon juice in a bowl and mix it. Apply this paste on the skin.

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If you have the dark skin tone of the inner thigh and it causing the problem as well as embarrassment then there are some home remedies for you. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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