Constipation: How to prevent constipation with castor oil

Castor oil prevents constipation

Constipation: Prevent constipation with castor oil

Constipation is a very common problem among people. When your bowel has irregular movements, the stool becomes hard to pass and this condition referred to as constipation. During this problem, people feel discomfort and uneasy. The problem of constipation occurs due to unhealthy eating habits, poor lifestyle and many other. To get rid of these problems people adopt medication. The medication provides relief but simultaneously cause side effects. In this regard, if you want to get rid of the problem then castor oil is very beneficial for you. The castor oil softens the stool and helps you to get rid of the problem. (Also read: Exercise for constipation: Which exercise helps to reduce the problem of constipation)

Constipation: Let’s know how to use castor oil to prevent constipation.

  • Castor oil
  • Orange juice and Castor oil
  • Lemon juice and castor oil
  • Milk with castor oil
  1. Castor oil

    Prevent constipation with castor oil.
    Constipation: castor oil helps to prevent constipation.

    Rub castor oil on your belly around the belly button to get rid of constipation. The castor oil softens and breaks down the faecal matter through the skin. Moreover, it also enhances muscle contraction which stool pass easily. (Also read: Constipation: How to treat the problem of constipation in children)

  2. Castor oil and orange juice
    Mix a cup of orange juice with castor oil and consume the mixture before oil settles down. For better results, consume once in a day. The fibre present in the juice to bulk up the stool and castor oil make it pass out.
  3. Lemon juice and castor oil
    To prevent constipation problem with lemon juice and castor oil, mix a tbsp of castor oil with a cup of lemon juice. Consume this mixture before oil settles down. The acid nature of lemon can help to ease your bowel movement.
  4. Milk with castor oil
    Milk and castor oil is also beneficial to prevent constipation. Mix 1 tbsp castor oil in a cup of milk. Mix well both milk and castor oil. Then consume it before the oil settles down.

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Instead of adopting medication for treating constipation, you can choose castor oil to prevent the same problem.

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