How Carom Seeds And Black Salt Helps In Acidity

How Carom Seeds And Black Salt Helps In Acidity

Suffering from digestive issues is the worst thing ever. The severe pain in abdomen along with other parts and the feeling of nausea makes the situation more uncomfortable. Indigestion occurs when there is an excess production of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. Thus, the rise in the level of acid in the stomach leads to acidity.

The acidity accompanies burning sensation in chest and heart along with the pain. It creates an uncomfortable situation. You can suffer from digestive issues after eating fried and fatty foods, not eating for long and skipping meals. However, there is an immediate remedy which helps to lessen the effect of acidity and that is the combination of carom seeds and salt.

Carom seeds also known as ‘Ajwain‘, is infused with many elements and nutrients which help in the smooth bowel functioning. It contains many essential nutrients like Calcium, Minerals, Proteins, Riboflavin, Thiamine and Carbohydrates. The presence of Thymol in carom seeds make it great to deal with digestive issues. Thymol is an antacid which balances the production of acids in the stomach thereby, reducing the acidity problem. It reduces the bloating and stiffness of stomach making it at ease.

On the other hand, black salt is rich in Sodium Chloride and traces of Minerals, Iron, Sodium Sulphate and Magnesium. Consumption of black salt reduces the abdominal discomfort and helps in getting relief from indigestion. Hence, consumption of the mixture of carom seeds and black salt is beneficial to treat acidity.

Therefore, to take it as a home remedy for reducing acidity, take two spoons of carom seeds or carom seed powder. To it, mix two spoons of black salt. Intake this mixture with a half cup of boiled water or plain.  Hence, by this, remedy you will be able to get rid of awful acidity issue. However, do not take it more than twice a day as it may cause some side effects.

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