Six Best Home Remedies To Cure Hand Tremors

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Six Best Home Remedies To Cure Hand Tremors

Hand Tremors are unintentional and the most common of all involuntary movements which can be experienced by anyone. The hand tremor is not a chronic disease and also doesn’t cause any serious issue but it makes the everyday tasks difficult.

We have come across with some best home remedies, following which you can overcome the problem of hand tremors.

Tea from herbs

Hand tremors can be a result of anxiety or stress. Tea from herbs like chamomile, lavandula, and clove are the best home remedies to these tremors. Tea tree oil also helps in reducing stress. Thus, include these herbs in your daily to-do-list to reduce hand tremors.

Vitamin B

Foods like green leafy vegetables, beans, egg yolks, and whole grains are rich sources of Vitamin B. Hence, opt these foods in your diet to get relieved from hand tremors. Hand tremors are usually the result of a bad neurological condition and Vitamin B is useful for such problems.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

There are certain day-to-day things which hamper our health. Alcohol and caffeine consumption are such things. If you are suffering from hand tremors, limit or simply avoid alcohol intake and caffeine to get a natural relief.


Valerian is very helpful in reducing stress and giving you a sound sleep. Hence, consumption of this herb in a powdered form with water can give you ease and control the problem of hand tremors.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Preserve the health of your neurons by eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is a major source of this nutrient. However, if you are a vegetarian then use flaxseed oil to get rid of hand tremors.


Lavender improves the nervous system by relaxing the muscles and eliminating involuntary muscular contraction. Hence, the use of lavender can help in beating stress and anxiety. Thus, solving the problem of hand tremors.

Hand Tremors are common among the people of age group 40 years or above. Neurological problems, stress, and anxiety can be a cause of hand tremors. Metabolic problems and toxins can also bring hand tremors.

Meditation and following yoga practice every day can prove tremendously beneficial in curing hand tremors. In addition to it, pressing or squeezing stress ball can also be good. Thus, if you are suffering from the problem of shaking or trembling of hands then make a diet plan and include the foods mentioned above which are high in nutrients essential for you. Meditate regularly to give your mind and body the required relaxation.

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