Which Herbs Help To Increase The Testosterone Level In The Body

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Which Herbs Helps To Increase The Testosterone Level In The Body

Testosterone is a very important hormone which is associated with man’s body and stimulates the development of the sexual characteristics. It is not a hormone which is specifically important for men, it has an association with a woman’s body too. Testosterone acts on sexual drive, energy, and physical strength. It mainly takes a peak during puberty. This hormone stimulates bone and muscle mass, production of red blood cells, fat storage and obviously sexual and physical health. Do you know there are several herbs which can accelerant the section of testosterone level? Yes! It is possible. Please have a look at the followings to know about the herbs for boosting this hormone in a male body. (Also Read: What Are The Herbs That Provide Relief To The Skin Problems)

Methi or fenugreek seeds:
Methi seeds are full of vital nutrients. It is a very common herb which is present in every Indian kitchen. Its leaves are a premium herb and the seeds are very famous spice. Fenugreek plant contains active compounds, which are super helpful to increase the activity of certain enzymes. Moreover, these enzymes help to convert cholesterols into testosterone. Like this, it can help in increasing this hormone. To consume this, you can bring methi powder to add in the curries and other foods.

Garlic has various health benefits. Increasing testosterone level comes under its health benefits. It has some amazing compounds like allicin, which can reduce the levels of harmful stress hormone cortisol. So, if you have a stress problem, and your body is getting more and stress hormones, your body would gradually lose the level of testosterone. So, garlic can reduce the stress hormone efficiently. Adding garlic to your regular food can help you. Else eating 1-2 cloves of garlic in the morning can be helpful and it will keep you stay away from cold and cough. (Also Read: Which Herbs Can Keep Our Heart Healthy)

Ashwagandha is a very common hormone which has immense health benefits including sexual dysfunction and infertility. This excellent herb can increase the sexual drive in men and increases the fertility too. Moreover, this herb efficiently increases the sperm concentrations, increases the serum testosterone levels, enhances the ejaculation and improves improved sperm motility.

Pine bark extract:
Pine tree bark is a nutritious herb. It contains compounds like proanthocyanidins. This amazing compound can help in lowering the cholesterol, enhances heart health, promotes blood flow and definitely increases the testosterone level. Moreover, pine bark extract is paired with a compound called L-arginine aspartate. These good compounds can help somehow to increase the testosterone. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds Or Kalonji)

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