Which herbs help you to stay happy and healthy as you age

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Which herbs help you to stay happy and healthy as you age

Due to the rush and pressure of life, we often forget to take care of our mental health. The stress of life is making us so much occupied that we hardly pay attention towards our mental state. People often take up fitness challenges and start practising yoga to remain stress-free. However, there are some herbs which actually help you to stay happy and healthy in life. What’s best than adopting some natural way to happy and tension-free in life. The best thing about herbs is that they have no side effect and are actually helpful for the overall body. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of fennel seeds)

Which herbs help you to stay happy and healthy?

Tulsi: Tulsi is the most pious herbs. It is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial in nature which helps to keep the immune system strong. It helps in improving the respiratory system and also reduces the risk of infections. Daily consumption of tulsi helps to generate happy hormones in the body.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha helps to relieve stress and tension from the body. It is quite effective in reducing the long-term stress from the body. Not just this, ashwagandha helps us to sleep better. Also, it helps to rejuvenate the mind by keeping it peaceful. (Also read: What are the health benefits of curry leaves)

Guduchi: Guduchi is a popular herb in India, which helps to improve the resistance of the body. It improves the immune system and also makes you a stronger being. Daily consumption of Guduci helps in fighting the stress and making you a happy person.

Neem: Neem is antibacterial in nature that helps to fight the infections in the body. It prohibits the growth of bacteria or virus in the body. It keeps the skin healthy and the mind free of toxins. Not just this, neem reduces inflammation in the body and reduces the possibility of acne and blemishes.

Triphala: Triphala not only helps in digestion but also reduces stress on the mind. It generates the happy hormones as it keeps the body internally fit and healthy. Cleansing the colon, initiating good bowel movement, reducing stomach related problems and keeping the mind healthy are some of the most common benefits of Triphala. (Also read: What are the side effects of consuming black pepper)

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