Which Herbs Can Control Blood Pressure

Which Herbs Can Control Blood Pressure

The pressure of blood in the circulatory system is what contributes to blood pressure. When the heart beats, the blood is pushed through the arteries to rest of the body. Extra pressure when exerted, creates strain in the heart leading to the condition of high blood pressure or hypertension. On the other hand, low blood pressure results when the pressure in the arteries is abnormally low. Therefore, to regulate the conditions of high and low blood pressure there are some herbs which you can opt. Intake of these herbs can control your blood pressure in a natural way.

Therefore, find the herbs which can control your blood pressure:

Basil (Tulsi):

The holy basil which is also known as ‘Tulsi’ and it is a good source to control high blood pressure. Intake of basil leaves hinders the rise of stress induces biochemical while increasing the energy level. Thereby, controlling the rising blood pressure level.


The Cinnamon can tremendously help people to reduce high blood pressure in diabetic and pre-diabetic condition. Cinnamon has many essential nutrients and volatile oils which are helpful in controlling blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol level.


The flaxseed is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are able to prevent many heart diseases including hypertension. It is also a great antioxidant which prevents from many cardiovascular diseases too.


The garlic contains the compound Allicin which is highly effective to lower the high blood pressure level. Therefore, eating 2-4 garlic cloves in a day can help you control your blood pressure level. However, consult an expert if you have frequent fluctuations in your blood pressure level.


Being a great source of Antioxidants, cardamom can help to lower the blood pressure level i.e., it is good to control the high blood pressure level. You can chew cardamom seeds or can add the same to your tea.


The ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent which relaxes the muscles surrounding blood vessels. It helps in improving blood circulation and its thinning thereby, regulating the blood pressure level.

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